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Vectorscope Colors

This post categorized under Vector and posted on May 27th, 2018.

A graphic vectorscope displaying color bars. The diagonal direction of the color burst vector is indicative of a PAL signal. The graticule of an NTSC vectorscope. A Ramp End Colors your vectorscope will look like this Vectorscope Looking at a Ramp. Note that this scope is set up to see 100% and that the end of the ramp which used saturated red is at the 100% target in the scope. However as the color gets less saturated the line moves to the centre of the graph. A vectorscope measures the chrominance (color components) of a graphic signal including hue and saturation. A vectorscope maps a graphic color information onto a circular chart. The traditional waveform monitor is useful in measuring the brightness or luminance component of a graphic signal.

At a zoom percentage of 75 percent the color targets in the Vectorscope are calibrated to line up for 75 percent color bars. Zooming out to 100 percent calibrates the color targets to 100 percent color bars.Join Patrick Inhofer for an in-depth discussion in this graphic Using the vectorscope graphicyzing color and saturation part of DaVinci Resolve 12 Essential Training.The vectorscope is used to measure the color information in a graphic image while the waveform displays the brightness or luminance of a shot.

Color values are indicated on the Vectorscope. Tweaking the color values adjusts the shade and amount of color called hue and saturation in the image. Generally for consistent results we adjust gray-scale values first then color values.One easy trick to isolate a certain part of the Vectorscope. Just as Waveform and ndering Filmmaking httpwaondering.com20150518continuity-of-colors The Vectorscope displays a traditional Cb by Cr X-Y display with overlaid reference graticule. Color accurate graticules automatically switch between SD (601) HD (709) and 4KQHD (709 or 2020) color graphices. The markers include color points (for standard bar checks) at 75% and 100% saturation.

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